Creative Ideas for Using Instagram’s Multi-Photo Post Feature

July 17, 2017 8:08 pm

instagram-1024x576Instagram has recently launched the ability to share a mix of up to ten photos or videos as a single carousel post. To see all of the photos and videos, users begin by swiping left. It may seem obvious to use this option when you can’t decide which photo to use, but there are so many more creative ways to leverage posting multiple photos/videos to create deeper engagement with your followers and build your real estate business.

Posting Options

  • Visualization: Instead of just posting the front of the home, you can show the best ten photos of each new home you are listing. Seeing the home makes it easier for a customer to visualize living there.
  • Steps in a Process: This is great for DIY posts where there are multiple steps in the process, allowing you to show actions that your customers should take in order. This post could be especially useful when staging a home for sale.
  • Before & After: You don’t have to use all ten photos; sometimes a simple before-and-after comparison is all that you need to make an impression.
  • Progress, Growth & Change: This option is ideal for displaying change or progress over a longer period of time. If you have the time, or if your clients have the photos, you could show the front of a home in each season, different times of the day, and in various types of weather.
  • Hacking a Panoramic Shot: You can slice a panoramic photo into squares for your followers to swipe through.
  • Trivia & Clues: The multi-photo tool only displays the first photo by default, so it lends itself to create Q&A style posts where customers can swipe to reveal the answer. Possible uses:
    • Showcase pictures of amenities and distinguishing attributes of neighborhoods where you sell homes
    • Post photos of different design trends to see what your followers like (e.g., three different types of kitchen countertops)
    • Share photos of the iconic images, art and architecture in your city and ask if your followers know what it is and where it is located

There are a myriad of ways to use the multi-photo post tool on Instagram to promote your brand, grow your business, and establish yourself as a real estate expert in your city.